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Committed to ensuring a future of opportunity for all students and lifelong learners in our community.


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I am a lifelong educator with a dedication to helping others. I received my Bachelor's degree in Special Education from Loyola University Chicago, and completed my Ph.D in Transnational Urban History with a dissertation focusing on the relationship between poverty and the criminal justice system. It's been one of the great joys of my life to work with students with a range of disabilities, and teach undergraduates the important lessons of the past so we can better understand our present. Now, I feel lucky every day because I get to combine my skills as an educator with my passion for helping others as the Best Practices Coordinator for Alliance for a Better Omaha, working to alleviate the burdens of food insecurity for Omaha residents. You can usually find me researching innovative strategies to solve social issues and designing programs that build community resilience and self-sufficiency. I was born and raised in Omaha, where I live with my incredible partner, Matthew. I am a passable artist, a pretty good poet, an excellent cook, and spend a lot of my spare time at the Omaha Public Library.

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I believe our most worthwhile accomplishments are borne of a collective effort. Your interest in this election is the first step to enacting real change in our community. Let's work together to protect and promote Metropolitan Community College.



There are lots of ways to help us Keep Metro Awesome. Do you like talking to people? Come knock doors with us! Good on the phone? Make some calls to get out the vote! A data Jedi? Help keep us organized!  Regardless of skill or experience, I invite you to get involved with my campaign. 

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I wish money didn't play such an outsized role in campaigns, but I promise to keep this campaign as affordable as a Metro education. Your contribution helps me knock on doors and host events to spread the good word about Metropolitan Community College and why it is worth protecting with a vote.

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What do you want to see from Metropolitan Community College in the future? What do you want to know about me? Can I come talk to you or your group about Metro and why I'm running? I want to hear from you so we can Keep Metro Awesome. 


Why I'm Running

I'm running for the Metro Board of Governors because I believe that education is the best tool we have as a community to create equal access to opportunity for everyone. Metro Community College is a central part of the Omaha community and is a true example of what an affordable, practical, and exceptional education can do to help students achieve success and ensure that everyone has the tools to live The Good Life. While I serve on the Board of Governors, I promise to protect and promote the mission of Metro in its dedication to providing access, opportunity, and innovation to all students and lifelong learners in order to strengthen our community.




As both a teacher and a professor, I understand the value of a quality education in providing opportunity for those who might otherwise find it hard to achieve their goals. As a Governor on the Metro Board, I promise to protect and promote the mission of MCC to provide an affordable, student-centered educational experience to anyone seeking to better themselves and acquire new skills through learning.



an equal chance to empowerment and the good life

I believe that our community is stronger when everyone has an equal chance at opportunity, regardless of age, race, gender, ability, or any other barrier. Serving on the Metro Board, I will work to ensure that we grow programs and curriculum that increases student achievement, is responsive to the needs of Nebraska's workforce, and creates real-world possibilities for every student.



responsive to the needs of students and the community

If I've learned anything in my professional experience, it is that every student is different. The tools needed to achieve success are as diverse as the community of learners we serve. As a Governor on the Metro Board, I will improve existing programs and technology that increase access to learning from health sciences to construction technology. I will advocate for innovative classrooms and facilities that reach more students where they are, and provide them with the skills that help them get where they want to be.


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