Meet Erin

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I am a lifelong educator with a dedication to helping others. I received my Bachelor's degree in Special Education from Loyola University Chicago, and completed my Ph.D in Transnational Urban History with a dissertation focusing on the relationship between poverty and the criminal justice system. It's been one of the great joys of my life to work with students with a range of disabilities, and teach undergraduates the important lessons of the past so we can better understand our present. Now, I feel lucky every day because I get to combine my skills as an educator with my passion for helping others as the Best Practices Coordinator for Alliance for a Better Omaha, working to alleviate the burdens of food insecurity for Omaha residents. You can usually find me researching innovative strategies to solve social issues and designing programs that build community resilience and self-sufficiency. I was born and raised in Omaha, where I live with my incredible partner, Matthew. I am a passable artist, a pretty good poet, an excellent cook, and spend a lot of my spare time at the Omaha Public Library.

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